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Oranges & Clementines
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If this is your first order, perhaps this is the best way to try our organic oranges, mandarins and avocados from Valencia. Once you have tried our fruits, we recommend you subscribe to the box that best suits you. There are no compromises and the fruit lasts two weeks at home in perfect condition.


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All our fruits are waiting for you hanging on the tree until you place the order. Only then do we harvest and ship them. This is how we make sure that the fruit is super fresh and tasty.

As you already know, both our oranges and tangerines are organic and the avocados, despite the fact that we take care of them organically, their qualification is reconversion (they only need 1 year).

We are dedicated to this and if our organic oranges were not so good, we would not say so. The fact is that they are grown in Valencia (cradle of the best oranges in the world), following their natural cycles and we also harvest and ship them the same day.

The fruits are matured on the tree and we do not apply post-harvest treatments, nor do we store them in cold rooms. Thus, we make sure that they have all the vitamins and minerals that a top-quality orange should have.

Remember that when buying organic oranges, tangerines and avocados from the farmer we avoid intermediaries and long distribution chains, with which we can offer you a very competitive price and a quality that the large distribution chains cannot achieve.

Our collection schedule by variety is as follows:

November – January: Navelina
February – May: Lane Late
May – July: Valencia Late

November – January: Clemenules
March – April: Ortanique

October: Bacon y Forte
November – January: : Hass
February – April: Lamb Hass

** Remember that each variety has organoleptic properties and when we start harvesting the citrus the degree of acidity is slightly higher than when it is finished. The drop in winter temperature gradually makes the oranges and tangerines become sweeter. Avocado, on the other hand, increases the amount of oils over time, but from the beginning they have a magnificent flavor.

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Avocado, Clementines, Orange & Avocado, Orange & Clementines & Organic Avocado, Oranges, Oranges & Clementines


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